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Do you know that Kyiv is a mystical city? Maybe that is why Bulgakov had been written here in so easy way.Thanks to two-year-work on historical encyclopedia of native town, I am in love showing it to guests from foreign countries and continents. All its secrets and mystical places. And you know, there is a lot of them in the centre. For example it is very pleasant to walk through the centre in winter, near the Golden Gates, and then to sit and get warm by real huge oven, eating spoon bread. Listen legends and fables. And imagine that the house - is a tavern where you're sitting, drinking eating dumplings and even 300 years ago. It is very interesting. And how many secrets and legends associated with the St. Andrew's descent. Famous kolyba with a stove, the castle of Richard with his own atmosphere. This is not rosy tone of the narrative. But this beauty is mesmerizing. Even if you do not talk about the house itself and Bulgakov's famous cherry jam which became famous for the ancient pre-revolutionary Kiev ... . and a different picture ...
St. Andrew's descent
60x50 cm
canvas, stretcher

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